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PharmaForce’s announces 340B Prescription Discount Cards to Improve Access to Affordable Medication

Date: 04 Dec 2018
Location: Chadds Ford, PA

PharmaForce’s announces 340B Prescription Discount Cards to Improve Access to Affordable Medication

PharmaForce is a Third Party Administrator(TPA) that supports Contract Pharmacy, Mixed Use/Split Billing, Home Infusion and Prescription Discount Cards for 340B Program Management to Covered Entities and Pharmacies. PharmaForce offers a refreshing approach to the technology, fees, and customer service that is necessary to maximize the 340B opportunity.

PharmaForce partnered with Change Healthcare’s Pharmacy Benefit Solutions (PBS) division to launch 340B Prescription Discount Cards for eligible patients. When a patient shares the discount card at the Pharmacy, the PBS in conjunction with PharmaForce’s data received from the customer's EMR will validate if the Pharmacy, Provider, and Patient combination are eligible for the program discount. Discounts can be made configurable based on a patient’s financial situation/sliding scale.

"We are excited to announce the partnership with Change Healthcare’s PBS division and the launch of our new 340B Prescription Discount Cards solution. This solution not only helps in improving access to affordable medications for eligible patients but further prevents misuse of discount cards," said Dan Dimitri, CEO, and Co-Founder of PharmaForce.

"Our Pharmacy Benefit Solutions division is focused on high quality member-patient and pharmacy services. Technology is an important component of establishing the right patient gets the right medication at the right time and place. Our partnership with PharmaForce will also support those who are in most need of obtaining their prescription medications do so accurately and efficiently." Dan Hardin, SVP and GM, Pharmacy Benefit Solutions, Change Healthcare.

Our Story

PharmaForce provides the most advanced technology solutions to help Covered Entities and Pharmacies navigate and execute their 340B programs. We believe in the program and its benefits to our healthcare system and patients. PharmaForce 340B solutions are exclusively designed to improve the overall program processes and financial performance of your business so that you can focus on what matters the most.

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