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During our many years working for others in 340B, we knew Third Party Administration could be better. The industry was stuck. So we built PharmaForce. We hire only the most experienced professionals with the insights to design and utilize the most innovative technology solutions. All to make 340B more accessible, flexible, transparent and responsive so that clients no longer need to wait to maximize their programs. PharmaForce. This is experience now.

PharmaForce 340B Administration Solutions

Contract Pharmacy

Contract Pharmacy

Maximize capture and contract pharmacy visibility to reduce risk and liability related to 340B

Split Billing

Split Billing

Automate workflow and stay audit-ready to allow 340B savings to go directly to your bottom line

Discount Cards

Discount Cards

Improve access to affordable medication by validating patient eligibility at the point of sale

Referral Claim Capture

Referral Claim Capture

Don't miss out on compliantly capturing the 340B savings from the claims that you refer

Unpack the Stack

PharmaForce delivers savings by enabling a well-run 340B program, managing contract pharmacy relationships, maintaining compliance, and adhering to evolving legislation.

  • reduce-costs

    Reduce Costs

    Eliminates redundancies & streamlines workflows to reduce costs

  • clear-compliance

    Clear Compliance

    Compliant solution ready to meet the constantly evolving regulations

  • full-transparency

    Full Transparency

    Enterprise dashboard for a holistic view of your 340B activities

  • HIPAA-Secure

    HIPAA Secure

    Data security in adherence to HIPAA standards

  • cloud-based

    Cloud Based

    Cloud-based platform built on cutting-edge technology

You can save up to 50% of your 340B program fees through PharmaForce. To prove our exceptional reliability, accuracy, and service, we offer a free and easy-to-set-up Proof of Concept.